It’s great and very encouraging, I will book a class now!



These classes are for puppies that have completed their vaccinations and are under six months. They combine socialisation skills and fun exercises to teach your puppy good manners, basic obedience skills and some agility foundation work. These classes are held indoors at Unleashed Doggy Day Care in Worthing and Doodley’s Dogs in Storrington. £72 for six weeks.


These classes are available for dogs and puppies of any age. They include fun exercises which will teach your dog obedience and good foundations for agility training. They are ideal if you are considering doing agility in the future or if you just enjoying having fun with your dog.Classes are available at levels two, three and four. ( See below for more information about each level ) These classes are held indoors.  £72 for six weeks.

Level Two- Beginners

For dogs of any age after they have completed their vaccinations.

Covers sit, down, wait, paw, target touches, leave, toy play, toy drive, retrieve,, heelwork, shaping, roll over, beg, box work, obstacle course, tunnel, left and right, walk back, round the cone, contact criteria, start line and impulse control.

Level Three

For dogs who have completed level two or who already have a reliable sit, down, wait and recall. If possible they should be able to work off lead.

Covers proofing of everything in levels two and advanced cone work, ketchker foundations, walk back onto box, heelwork with left and right turns, recall cross overs, skate boarding and more work using toys as reward.

life skills & further obedience

These classes are the ideal follow on to the puppy classes or for adult dogs who have no previous training.

They cover a variety of skills such as sit, down, wait, recall, heelwork, lead walking, impulse control, leave and much more. £72 for six weeks.


Come and practise what is important to you in a small group. You can learn how to get your dog to settle, stop them jumping up or happily go in a crate, plus many more behaviours. Book one session at a time. All aged dogs and puppies are welcome. Classes are at Unleashed and Doodley’s. £12.50 per session.



One to one training is available to suit you and your dog’s needs. I can do, agility foundations, agility skills (channel weaves, seesaw and one jump exercises), obedience or help with minor training issues such as lack of recall, jumping up and pulling on the lead. £35 per hour. Weekends and bank holidays- £45 per hour.


These sessions are for managing aggressive behaviour, separation anxiety, house-soiling and other more serious behaviour issues. £120 for initial consultation of approximately two hours. This includes a full written report and behaviour modification plan. £35 per hour for each additional follow up visit. Travel costs are also taken into consideration. Veterinary referral may be required.


One to one training walks for dogs with behaviour issues such as lunging and barking at other dogs and lack of recall. £35 per hour. Weekends and bank holidays- £45 per hour.


Bespoke birthday parties - a choice of venues available. Email for a quote.