Puppy class 6 weeks £72

Tuesday 12th Nov 7pm - Doodley’s

Wednesday 13th Nov 7pm - Unleashed

Wednesday 8th Jan 7pm - Unleashed

Tuesday 14th Jan 7pm - Doodley’s

Wednesday 19th Feb 7pm - Unleashed

further obedience & life skills - 6 weeks at unleashed £72

Wednesday 13th Nov 8pm

Wednesday 8th Jan 8pm

Wednesday 19th Feb 8pm

CLASSES AT DOODLEY DOGS - Storrington - 6 weeks £72

Tuesday 12th Nov 7pm -Puppy Class

Thursday 14th Nov - Fun obedience with agility foundations - level 2 beginners 7pm & level 3 novice 8pm

Thursday 9th Jan - Fun Obedience with Agility Foundations - level 2 beginners 7pm & level 3 novice 8pm

Tuesday 14th Jan 7pm - Puppy Class

Thursday 20th Feb - Fun Obedience with Agility Foundations- level 2 beginners 7pm & level 3 novice 8pm

gOOD MANNERS CLASSES at Unleashed £12.50

Fri 4th & 18th Oct 7pm

Fri 1st, 15th & 29th Nov 7pm

Fri 20th Dec 7pm


To be arranged


To be arranged


To be arranged


 Terms and Conditions

Refund policy

·         A refund will only be given in full if the course is cancelled before two weeks of it starting.

·          If the course is cancelled between one and two weeks before the course is due to start the fee can be carried over to another service.

·         The fee is non-refundable within a week of the course start date.

Terms and Conditions

1.            Bitches in season are not permitted to train. If your bitch comes into season during the course you can transfer to the next course with no extra charge.

2.            All training methods used are force free. Anyone using any harsh methods of training or intimidating their dog in anyway will be asked to leave.