About nina


My name is Nina Bohm ADip CBM MISAP. I am a qualified canine behaviour counsellor and have over twelve years’ experience in training dogs, and I have been competing in agility for over ten years.

I believe in only using positive reinforcement for training dogs and have always had great results from training this way. Dogs that are trained in this method are always happy and willing to work for their owners!

I currently have five dogs of my own. 

Spikey is a thirteen year old terrier cross. We started agility together 12 years ago and I have learnt so much from training and competing with him. He retired a couple of years ago.

Frazzle is a ten year old terrier cross. I got him hoping to do agility with him when he was a year old. Unfortunately due to a bad start in life he has suffered many health issues and had to retire at a young age.

Digger is around five years old. He is my husband’s agility dog. He is a small unknown cross breed and was about six months when we got him. He was about to be put to sleep as he was one of many dogs in Ireland that needed rehoming.  He has competed at agility at Crufts in the novice cup. He competes at grade 7 in agility.

Shannon is around five years old too. She is a working sheepdog. We rescued her from Ireland when she was about a year old. She is currently grade 6 at agility and proving to be a wonderful agility dog. She has very strong herding and chasing instincts which have been a challenge to work with.

Cloud is our newest addition to the family. She is only nine months old and she is a collie crossed with a springer spaniel! Cloud's mum was a Many Tears rescue from Ireland, she had her puppies in foster care in England.